Vedan Kolod

Tatyana Naryshkina – vocals and musical instruments (wind, percussion, string). As a soloist of the group, she is also engaged in research and arrangements of folk songs and is the author of the book "Russian folk instruments".
Vedan Kolod - world music, created in Siberia. The group's repertoire includes Russian folk songs, songs of Siberian settlers, arrangements, own songs, Old Russian texts, instrumental compositions and throat singing.
Valery Naryshkin creates most of the instruments that can be heard in Vedan Kolod's music. Among them are the Slavic military horn, the Scythian horn, the Russian bagpipe, the horn, the wheel lyre and others.

Valery Naryshkin - vocals and musical instruments. He creates and reconstructs the instruments that Vedan Kolod uses. Valery is a multi-instrumentalist and is the author of texts and music of Vedan Kolod's own songs, as well as instrumental compositions of the group.
Daryana Antipova - director of the group. Vocals and percussion instruments. Daryana is also children's writer and a traveler. 
The basis of Vedan Kolod's music is a close intertwining of instrumental and vocal music. Vedan Kolod Group was formed in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in 2005. Since then, the band has released 8 albums and has toured extensively in Russia and Europe.

Workshop of musical instruments "NarVal"

The workshop of reconstruction and creation of ancient musical instruments "NarVal" is engaged in the manufacture of traditional and author's woodwind ethnic instruments, as well as several stringed instruments such as beeps, gusli, tail-harp and more.
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